Kilian Bresnahan for Junior Class President

Howdy Everyone,

My name is Kilian Bresnahan, and I am running for Junior Class President. I really want to make a difference here at Texas A&M and for the Class of 2018! My goals are to protect our traditions, promote our class gift, and to serve you. I believe that every voice should be heard when it comes to our class gift. I’m extremely passionate about our class gift, because this is an opportunity for us to leave a legacy behind. We are reaching the point where we will soon be deciding what that is. I really want to get everyone involved in this decision. Did you know that next Fall any of you can submit ideas for our class gift? Many students don’t know that, and I want the class gift to be a Class of 2018 decision. Let’s make it happen together. Don’t forget to vote for me, Bres4Pres!