About Me

about_me_imageIf I could look into the future, I would hope to see myself as a successful businessman with the heart of a philanthropist.  I have been blessed with outstanding role models all my life and have pursued a healthy balance among many interests such as home and church life, volunteer activities, academics, and sports.  I have been taught to always seek out new challenges that will help me build personal character, create friendships, and positively impact the community.  It has been said that much is expected of those to whom much has been given.  This saying has become my mantra.

While I have been here at Texas A&M, I have gotten involved in many different things. I was privileged my freshman year to represent our class as Vice President. I learned a lot from that experience, and I would love to come back to serve our class and make it even better. I am on a committee of Student Government Association called COSGA, and one of my many duties is to call other universities and share with them about our school and how great it is. This has only solidified my love for this university. Being apart of Aggie Experience Council, I get the unique opportunity to show incoming & perspective students what it means to be an Aggie, share our pride, and show them the best place on Earth. Last year I was able to go to Brazil for the summer, and I was proud that even down in South America, Texas A&M was recognized for its academics and long-lived traditions. I am so proud to be affiliated with such an esteemed university, and I look forward to doing all in my power to make it even greater.

I thrive on being involved in many ventures, and I hope that my past experiences, as well as my future endeavors in college will prepare me for a life in business.  I would ultimately love to continue the work that my grandfather started almost 50 years ago.  He moved his entire family of 10 to Mexico and helped create small businesses for economically disadvantaged communities so they could have better lives and learn to support themselves.  He helped over 1,000 families become self- sufficient.  To make a positive contribution in the world, I have worked to achieve the highest standards of academic excellence, participated in athletic activities, contributed to my community through service, and have lead others to be active contributors as well.  I would love to use my past experiences, paired with my future education, to continue my grandfather’s mission.