My Plan

The Class of 2018 Gift
I’m extremely passionate about our class gift, and we are reaching the point where we will soon be deciding what that is. I really want to get everyone involved in making this important decision that will be left as our legacy.
I will be holding meetings so that every student has an opportunity to express their Ideas for our class gift. Social media surveys will be available for students to have a say in what our Class Gift should be if a meeting can’t be attended.
It is important to me that everyone has a say in our Class gift.
— just recently, a suggestion was made as an example of a class gift.

    The class of 2018 Endowment Scholarship – a perpetual scholarship given every year.

With more than 10,000 strong, in our class, we are one of the largest classes A&M has ever seen. As a result we are in a very unique position to enact change, and leave this university better than we found it.